Saturday, January 07, 2006

bitch and moan

I am annoyed.
Truly, deeply, to the core of my being. I am just this side of pissed off.
And I have to ask you, Internet, why does NO ONE EVER LISTEN TO ME?!

We're having plumbing problems--they follow us wherever we go--so I call the landlord and say "hey, mr. landlord, we're having some plumbing issues which could turn right serious right quick. Please send someone to SNAKE THE LINE"
Then I get a call from Mr. Property manager, we set up an appointment and everything is hunky-dory. (Yes, I said hunky-dory. Yes, I expect to be mocked for it) But hours later, the problem escalates, so I call back mr. property manager and say "hey, when I flush the toilet, it sounds like it's raining in the basement. any chance we could get someone out here tonight?" And they said no-can-do, there are ever more serious plumbing problems on hand at the moment. So bright and early, mr. plumber shows up and replaces the wax ring under the toilet--stopping the basement rain of bacteria water. However, the LINE IS STILL CLOGGED. And this particular plumber doesn't snake lines, so he has to call mr. property manager and mr. property manager has to call mr. line snaker. So I'm waiting to hear when we can expect mr. line snaker and whether or not we'll need to rent a port-a-john until Monday. Because (file this under TMI) this is not a household that can wait 3 days to poop.
When I asked for someone to come snake the line did he think I was kidding? Obviously he doesn't know of my experience with clogged lines and the sewage flood of 2003--an experience from which I will never fully recover--but when I ask for something, I expect to get it, dammit!

Enjoy the photo of Adrian --because who doesn't love a baby with a mohawk?
(and don't cry for me, Argentina)

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