Monday, January 30, 2006

Update: 15 months

Dear Adrian;

First let me apologize for being remiss regarding the updates on your past two months of life. I have plenty of excuses, none of them are particularly good ones. Now, on to the good stuff!

If there was ever any doubt that you are a little boy, this past month will have put all of that aside. Our days consist of trucks, blocks, tractors, and making farting noises by blowing into our hands. That's the only thing I do that is regarded as consistently hilarious--and your laugh is so rewarding and contagious that I have no plans to stop. Farting noises aside, you still have a love for jewelry and dressing up. You've finally come around to wearing hats, so the 6 I picked up at the Halloween clearance are getting regular rotation. My favorite would have to be the construction helmet-diaper-socks ensemble you put together.

You still won't eat any green vegetables, but you're eating half your weight in fruit daily. You also have developed an affinity for pancakes, marshmallows, and anything off of my plate.

Oh! And the climbing! You've been caught scaling the microwave (which lives on the floor due to a lack of counter space), furniture, and the dining room chairs (but only if there's someone in them). All of this wouldn't be such a big deal, but you seem to have no concept of edges and have tumbled repeatedly to the ground. My favorite is when you're on the couch: you turn so you're facing the back of the couch and then proceed to hang your butt off of the front of the couch, which ultimately yields a surprised look as gravity takes over.

Every day is like a marathon as you are now taking only one nap a day and spend your waking hours alternately running all over the house or eating. At the end of each day I marvel that I've made it and try not to think about the fact that it starts all over at 6 the next morning. You wear me out--but I love you and I'd rather do this than have to leave you with someone else all day.

You're my favorite.


P.S.--You can start saying Mama any time now. Really.

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erica said...

you are your aunt erica's favorite too. i heart you.
love aunt erica