Thursday, January 19, 2006

the zoo! and other adventures.

Adrian and I have been in Arlington for 4ish days now. In this time, we have seen Jono turn 20 (egad!), Adrian biff it on the driveway (again), and old friends.
Today Adrian, Gramma, and I went to the National Zoo. We did not see the pandas. We did see hippos, elephants, giraffes, otters, various small mammals, apes--the orangutans were enjoying a snack of popcorn and Adrian repeatedly tried to reach through the glass to retrieve it from their hands. He also tried to go home with three other families of small children; going so far as to chase after one little girl saying "baby! baby!" with outstretched arms. He's going into a monastery tomorrow! No contact with girls until he's 45!
Adrian has also braved the gauntlet of whirlwindy dog tails on numerous occasions. He's become so heavy-handed with the food dispensing that Blaze assumes anything that falls to the floor around Adrian is food, leading the dog to try (and fail) ingesting crayons, plastic animals, measuring spoons, and a rubber spatula.
Good times.
Tomorrow we get to see some more friendly faces, including a jaunt to Gramma's place of work.
Now I am going to go eat some tasty tasty salmon with my parents.

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