Thursday, January 12, 2006

De-lurk! De-lurk!

You, out there!
I know that you stop by on a regular basis to see what's what.
This week has been declared de-lurking week! The idea is that you tell us, the blog writers that you're actually reading. It makes us feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside.
So, you can say hello!
Tell me if you prefer hot cocoa or tea.
Tell me how you like your potatoes.
Tell me the first teacher who made a positive impact on you (Hello, Mrs. Bumgartner!)
Or, tell me your pirate name--mine's Black Calico Meg.
Just say something!

De-lurking week is brought to by the lovely lady at Paper Napkin.

Now, I'm off to de-lurk at a few sites meself, matey. Arrrr.


Anonymous said...

allo. :-) I have now officially de-lurked (not that I was lurking before... but whatever)

- love ya! Lyre

K said...

de-lurking. I love hot cocoa and tea equally and cannot choose between them. I don't really remember the first teacher who made a positive impact on me, although I do remember Mrs. Baumgartner, who I had for both kindergarten and fifth grade. Mostly I remember when, in the very first sex-ed class, she asked students (all of whome were girls; we were segregated by gender) to name synonyms for "testes" and Susan Hurdle said "balls" REALLY loudly.
So that's my de-lurking. Be careful what you ask for.

Anonymous said...



Janya said...

Personally i think liquifying chocolate is pure genius. But as I am Russian, our solutions to EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING is Tea. So therefore, I also, cannot choose.
Potatoes- garlic mashed or au gratin style. Or pretty much the way any one wants to make them as long as I get to eat but not have to cook.
Teacher-Mrs Binder bc she thought I was great and decided that learning the meaning and spelling of metamorphosis by calling it madam's offices was perfectly fine. And because her first name was Lovel

Anonymous said...

I'm Calico Anne! And I love coffee. Tea is good, so is Cocoa! I loved Mrs. Lutrell in kindergarten, and I hug you now.