Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Jono's here!

(photo) The guitar lesson Posted by Picasa

Jono, my younger brother, arrived safe and sound yesterday afternoon. He's settled right in and is already sharing his musical leanings with Adrian.
I love watching the two of them interact--each is equally interested in what the other is doing. And, as we all know, Adrian loves an audience.
Jono will be here until Sunday, and then Adrian and I will fly with Jono to Arlington where we will spend a week with my parents.
I plan on consuming my weight in almond croissants from the corner bakery while at home. I love those things. I would live off of them. I would live in a house made of them. I would probably trade in my car in exchange for a lifetime supply of almond croissants from Pastries by Randolph.


K said...

mmmmm... Pastries by Randolph....
Damn you, now I have a craving which will remain unsatified for at least ten days.

Nessa said...

Precious Jono! I'm rocking a severe head cold ducks - not sure about my condition next week but if I'm still sick, I will have to abstain from baby contact as I do not want to infect your precious loin-fruit.

Dude, last night I had a nightmare that you had scheduled Adrian's Christening for the week of Feb. 11th, which is when we'll be in Colorado. So, I hope you have not done so, and please don't.

I mean seriously there was a good 45 minutes this morning where I floated between wakefulness and not wakefulness where I fully believed I was laying in my bed, clutching the invitation, and that I had somehow screwed the pooch and forgotten to tell you that we would be in Colorado that week.



Nes said...

I think this baby needs a guitar! He looks likes he's enthralled! Wonderful that Jon got in..try to make Aaron stay home and take J into the city to a blues or jazz grown-ups!!! Send us your Mom and Dad's address and we'll make certain the pictures get sent..we looked at the previews again on line and they look great!! The vintage of Adrian looks like a commercial ad for anything! Miss you, inventory stress has me NUTS! Love you,